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About US

Sustainable energy abundance is all around for humanity to harness.  It can take a single photon from the sun 10,000 to 170,000 years to go from the core to the atmosphere and then 8.3 minutes to reach Earth.  After it has combined with wind and water, one physical manifestation of the end of its journey is in the form of an ocean wave hitting the shore.  Humans can join the photon by harnessing this form of energy by surfing in places like Freights Bay.  Freights Bay Digital Asset Management is the manager for a clean energy bitcoin mining hedge fund.

Our Story

Patrick Hidalgo is the manager of Freights Bay Digital Asset Management

When he was a young boy, he funneled a good deal of his paper route money into coin collecting. Eventually, that led him to purchase gold and when its price appreciation allowed him to afford a new 10 speed, he wanted to learn about markets.

Most of his career has been in fixed income capital markets; product management, asset backed securitizations, trading operations, and analytics. He had a short engagement into the software industry as an engineer and technical product owner before joining a company focused on blockchain based central bank digital currencies.  He went down the crypto rabbit hole in 2016.

He received his undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Colorado at Boulder and his MBA from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. He was fortunate enough to spend his last MBA semester at ESADE in Barcelona.