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Freights Bay Digital Asset Management

We assist accredited and qualified investors who seek to propel the future of mankind and earn a fixed income alternative by investing in renewable energy projects which power bitcoin mining.

A FIxed income Alternative

  • Bitcoin mining offers a liquid, continuous passive income stream which allows for dollar cost averaging (DCA), depreciation to offset the mining rig capital expenditure, and potential appreciation of the bitcoin mining rewards. 
  • As fiat currencies around the world have their supply increased by central banks, their debasement increases along with the probability of their eventual default.  Bitcoin can be used as debasement and default insurance on all fiat currencies.

  • Bitcoin is possibly the greatest asymmetric trade of our lifetime. 

the world needs more bitcoin mining

  • Bitcoin mining  uses an estimated 52.2% of zero-emission energy.
  • Bitcoin mining increases the amount of  zero-emission power used each year by an estimated +4.49%.
  • Bitcoin mining  is one of the few industries that does not have coal as its primary energy source.
  • Because Bitcoin miners can be put anywhere, Bitcoin mining can be a catalyst for building out renewable energy in areas where it would otherwise not be viable.

Massive potential benefits for humanity

  • Using  vented methane as a power source for Bitcoin mining takes 13x more emissions out of the environment than coal puts into it (an estimated reduction of  0.15°C of climate change).
  • Using Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) as a power source for Bitcoin mining can produce fresh drinking water as a byproduct.
  • Much like the printing press forged the separation of church and state, Bitcoin will do the same for money and state.  It is available to everyone and controlled by no one.